Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vancouver to Portland: Amtrak with Bikes

This past week Pedal Forward traveled down to Portland Oregon to check out the cycling network and facilities enjoyed by those living in Cycle City USA. From Vancouver we put our bikes on the train and enjoyed our journey down the coast.
Baggage Car with Bike Rack
The service for bicycles on Amtrak's Cascades line is marvelous. For only five dollars your bike will travel with you securely hung on a bike rack in the train's luggage car.

I have had the experience of transporting my bike by train on many rail lines around the world and this may have been the best service I have ever had. From Downtown Vancouver to Downtown Portland we were able to ride on and off the train with our bikes.

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  1. Interesting setup for bikes. I'm going to be taking that train this Summer. I am going to be biking the Oregon/California Coast. It's cool that Amtrak has spaces for bikes to hang. :)